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How Can We Help You Get the Word Out?

You play a critical role in your students taking advantage of this opportunity to explore educational options after high school. If we can help by sending you additional posters or other ideas, please let us know!

Here Are Some Ideas:

Poster – Probe will send you a packet with a poster to hang in the counseling office.

Morning PA Announcements – Consider having your front office make announcements about the fair for the week leading up to the event.

In-Game Sports PA Announcements – Ask your athletic director to have an in-game PA announcement (if applicable) that reminds students (and their parents) about the fair coming to their community.

School Marquee Signage – If your school has a front entrance sign, please consider having Probe information displayed for the week leading up to the fair.

Download the Probe Promo Powerpoint Slide

Contact Us:

If you would like any resources for promoting the fair, or to share your ideas, email, or call 404.355.8586