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What is Probe?

Probe is an annual program of college fairs and guidance counselor workshops that are held throughout the state of Georgia. The program is managed by the Georgia Education Articulation Committee (GEAC), whose sole mission is to disseminate information and stimulate interest in post-secondary education for students in Georgia. Hundreds of colleges from across the nation attend Probe each year to reach thousands of Georgia high school juniors and seniors.


Learn more about post-secondary options after high school. Probe is a resource to connect you with the right school to meet your individual needs and career goals. Find a Probe fair in your area and sign-up for reminders.

Find your nearest fair

Locate the closest Probe fair to your high school. The Spring 2016 Probe Tour begins mid-February.

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Get up to date news about upcoming Probe fairs, notifications for articles on college admissions and financial aid, and reminders. 


Promote the annual Probe tour to your students and their families. Sign-up for a Counselor Workshop in your area and learn more about the latest updates in college admissions and financial aid.

Counselor Workshop Registration

There are no Counselor Workshops this Spring.
Registration for Fall 2016 Counselor Workshops will be open for registration in Summer 2016.

Tour information

Get the details on the upcoming Probe tour.

Promote your college fair

Learn ways to promote the local Probe fair to reach students and their families.


Probe can help you connect with high school juniors and seniors throughout Georgia. Sign-up for the entire tour, or target your travel to specific areas of the state. To find information for a specific high school, you may download a directory of Georgia high schools below.

Register for College Fair Tour

Register for Spring 2016 Probe College Tour. Connect with students and guidance counselors over the six-week tour.

High School Directory

Download the Georgia High School Directory for a quick overview of each school, including contact information, school profile and more.


Go inside the Probe Pressroom to learn the latest news coverage, download images and B-roll, and get important information about the upcoming tour.

Tour Information

Get the details on the upcoming Probe tour.

News Coverage

View the latest news coverage of the Probe tour.

Newsroom Resources

Download Probe logos and brand guidelines, tour images, and media B-roll.

 More About Probe

The Georgia Education Articulation Committee, Inc. is organized to stimulate interest in post-secondary education for citizens of Georgia by bringing together students, parents, counselors, administrators, and representatives of nonprofit post-secondary educational institutions including, but not limited to, colleges and vocational-technical schools.

The purpose of the Georgia Education Articulation Committee, Inc. is to disseminate information and stimulate interest in post-secondary education for the students in Georgia.

Starting in 1950 we have worked to help connect students and colleges. Over the years we have had a major impact on the relationship between Georgia students and higher education. Learn more here.

Click here to view the members of the Probe Committee as well as the members of the Georgia Education Articulation Committee.

View the attendance stats for each of the college fairs from the past year’s Probe College Fair Tour here.

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